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Apex Hosting | Review, Features, Plans

Apex Hosting is one of the best hosting providers. they provide the best Minecraft server hosting for you to start your industry with good quality of customer service. They have facilitated more than 200,000 Minecraft servers and are the official host of the Technic Launcher. 

Their devoted equipment includes high clock speed CPUs & SSD hard drives giving high TPS and slacks free servers for all clients.


They have a powerful panel to control your gaming servers from your mobile or computer. You can play the best mod packs on a click and also change versions. Their networks are completely secured and protected and provide 24/7 live chat to help you from experienced server administrators. Apex Hosting is setup instantaneously by which you can start working today. There is an automated backup feature If your data is destroyed for any reason but you can obtain it again easily.

You can use easily with video guidelines

They use Multicraft as our control board and have actualized numerous alterations to make it incredibly simple to control your Minecraft server facilitating account. You can get to the reassure, oversee records, alter arrangements, change server forms and all the more right from your internet browser or cell phone for the entirety of your servers. There are numerous other natural highlights that make it simple to tweak your Minecraft server and screen execution with our easy to understand the board.

Your server is running perfectly in 5 minutes

Beginning a server with Apex Hosting is speedy, simple and moderate. Subsequent to making a couple of choices for what size server and form you might want to begin with, your server will be in flash conveyed.

Minutes after the fact, you will get an email with the server IP address and login data which is prepared for associations. There is nothing else required to begin playing with companions. You can change your server form and bundle anytime, so there is no compelling reason to stress.

1. Files Management- To transfer or download records on your server you can either utilize an FTP customer or the control board to associate with the server. When you are associated you can deal with your server documents by moving between your PC and server.

2. Reset your World- To reset your world you should initially sign in to your control and stop your server. You should change the world setting and restart your server. Another world will be created as the server begins.

3. Add Mods- Yo adds mods to your server you should guarantee that its variant is set to Forge. In the wake of downloading the mods, you might want a sign into your server board, at the point FTP File Access, and get into the mods/organizer. Once there, essentially click "Transfer" to transfer them. The mods will stack in the wake of restarting the server.

4. Add Plugins- To add Plugins to your server ensure that the rendition is set to either Bukkit, Spigot or Paper and utilize the plugin administrator in the control board or FTP. In the wake of including and transferring the modules, you might want, restart the server for the modules to be completely stacked.

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Why Apex Hosting is different from others.

There are a couple of contemplations to make before buying Minecraft server facilitating. While there free and minimal effort administrations, There is a noteworthy distinction between the administration gave. This will be the establishment of your gaming experience and maybe fruitful if your Minecraft server facilitating organization gives you the best quality equipment and backing. They utilize top quality uncovered metal servers and have extraordinary associations with Tier 3 data centers that will enable your players to have the most ideal experience. 

While picking a server, you should investigate the accompanying details. Memory or RAM is the primary thing you have to consider and will figure out what kind of server you can work, and what number of players can be on your server simultaneously. More memory will be required as you include mods, modules or players to the server. In the event that there isn't sufficient Ram accessible the exhibition will endure. Handling force or CPU is a similarly significant component for facilitating a Minecraft server. You need a processor with a high clock speed that can procedure the entirety of the data rapidly. Numerous different hosts utilize sub-par processors or put an excessive number of clients on a similar processor, which brings about an inclination slack on the server. It is additionally critical to have quick associations on repetitive lines that outcomes in practically 100% uptime with cutting edge DDOS security to relieve any assaults that would typically take a serve disconnected briefly.

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Apex Server Hosting (Plans)

1st Plan--> 1GB (Basic Servers)-: $4.49 for a first month, then $5.99/month.
Apex Server Hosting

2nd Plan--> 2 GB (Basic servers & some modpacks)-: $7.49 for a first month, then $9.99/month.
Apex Server Hosting

3rd Plan--> 3 GB (Basic servers & most modpacks)-: $11.24 for a first month, then $14.99/month.
Apex Server Hosting

4th Plan--> 4 GB (Basic servers & all modpacks)-: $14.99 for a first month, then $  19.99/month.
Apex Server Hosting

They provide Premium Servers at cheap prices. There is a 10% Discount if you billed quarterly.


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