Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server

Dedicated Hosting is the type of internet hosting server in which a client uses it without sharing his business data. This is the simplest than any shared hosting (in shared hosting the providers have full control to access it), including hardware, operating system, etc.

Dedicated Hosting plans are the best for WordPress websites with a high number of visitors. Sometimes these WordPress hosting providers offer Dedicated Hosting with VPS Hosting.

After purchasing the Dedicated Hosting plans the clients have the full control of their individual server to access it and they can customize according to their needs and website too. Some benefits are offered by Dedicated Hosting Services: Security, high performance, control, and email stability. That's why this is mostly used by a large volume of traffic websites.

Operating System Support

  • For the variations of Unix and Linux, there is no charge to the customers.
  • There is a special program called Microsoft SPLA for Microsoft Windows users.
  • For Red Hat Enterprises, the hosting providers offer on a monthly fee basis
  • There is no charge for other operating systems included CentOS, Fedora, Core, Debian and many other Linux distributions.

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There are many types of server managed support which is provided by Dedicated Hosting Server:

Fully managed - There is nothing to worry about the management because providers handle everything. They include operating system upgrades, security patches, reboots, software updates, and monitoring. 
Managed -  Here sometimes customers may perform some tasks regarding management. The providers include limited support, monitoring, and updates. 
Self-managed - Customers have to do work on many operations and tasks too. The providers include some monitoring and some maintenance. 
Unmanaged - Customers have to everything self like maintenance, upgrades and security patches. There is no support from the providers.


A Dedicated Hosting server provides high security for the safety of data stored on their networks. Providers use various software programs for the system and networks for protecting our data from hackers, spammers, and other harmful threats.


Many providers do not allow any type of bots, clients, and daemons. Adult content is not allowed by some providers.

Why Dedicated Hosting Servers are the Best.

After choosing any Dedicated Hosting provider they give you the full resources of an individual server, the providers are not sharing your server with another one. This server enhanced your website performance and provide more stability. Your data is fully secured. They provide you a Unique IP Address that will not be accessed by any other spam websites. 

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