VPS Vs Dedicated Hosting

VPS Vs Dedicated Hosting 

VPS Vs Dedicated Hostin

If your blog and website gaining too many visitors, and you are thinking to upgrade your hosting into VPS and Dedicated Hosting, and you are getting confused to choosing in VPS and Dedicated Hosting, then today I going to clear your all concern Hello this is Nagmani Dubey and in this article, I am going to comparing between the VPS and Dedicated Hosting,

VPS Hosting And Dedicated Hosting are a virtual server, Actually, Both are a type of hosting server and it's a virtual machine sold as a service by an internet hosting service, where you can host and manage your all website files. Now I am going to clear all the important facts about VPS Hosting And Dedicated Hosting. Let's first talk about VPS Hosting.

VPS is a virtual machine sold as a virtual service by internet service providers where you can manage your all files of your blog or website.

How Does VPS Work

A VPS is similar to shared hosting where your website shares a server with other sites, but there are fewer sites sharing space and resources and the server is partitioned out into different virtualized server environments. Unlike shared hosting, VPS usually provides baseline resources that you’re guaranteed, as well as additional resources available at a moment’s notice should your site experience a traffic spike. now we can that VPS Hosting is a step up and ideal for small businesses, online stores, and larger personal sites. You will see an increase in features, security performance and many more, and it’s all for a very reasonable rise in cost.VPS Hosting is also great if you’re looking to grow your site.

Goodness And Badness Of VPS Hosting 

1. VPS Hosting grants you with root access.
2. You can make more customizations based on your needs.
3. More memory and bandwidth.
4. It is not affected by other sites traffic.
5. Very much stable.
6. Comes at a slightly higher price. But lower than Dedicated Hosting
7. Needs technical expertise to manage, If you are not you can get a few problems to manage.


If we talk about the pricing of VPS Hosting. Then it can be from $20 to $100 per month depending on the web host you choose. 

Dedicated Hosting Servers 

Dedicated Hosting is the type of internet hosting server in which a client uses it without sharing his business data. This is the simplest than any shared hosting (in shared hosting the providers have full control to access it), including hardware, operating system, etc.

Dedicated Hosting 

Plans are the best for WordPress websites with a high number of visitors. Sometimes these WordPress hosting providers offer Dedicated Hosting with VPS Hosting.

After purchasing the Dedicated Hosting plans the clients have the full control of their individual server to access it and they can customize according to their needs and website too.

Some benefits are offered by Dedicated Hosting Services: Security, high performance, control, and email stability. That's why this is mostly used by a large volume of traffic websites.

Operating System Support

For the variations of Unix and Linux, there is no charge to the customers.
There is a special program called Microsoft SPLA for Microsoft Windows users.
For Red Hat Enterprises, the hosting providers offer on a monthly fee basis
There is no charge for other operating systems included CentOS, Fedora, Core, Debian and many other Linux distributions. 

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There are many types of server managed support which is provided by Dedicated Hosting Server:

Fully managed - There is nothing to worry about the management because providers handle everything. They include operating system upgrades, security patches, reboots, software updates, and monitoring.
Managed -  Here sometimes customers may perform some tasks regarding management. The providers include limited support, monitoring, and updates.
Self-managed - Customers have to do work on many operations and tasks too. The providers include some monitoring and some maintenance.
Unmanaged - Customers have to everything self like maintenance, upgrades and security patches. There is no support from the providers.


Dedicated Hosting server provides high security for the safety of data stored on their networks.
Providers use various software programs for the system and networks for protecting our data from hackers, spammers, and other harmful threats.


Many providers do not allow any type of bots, clients, and daemons. 

Adult content is not allowed by some providers.

Why Dedicated Hosting Servers are the Best.

After choosing any Dedicated Hosting provider they give you the full resources of an individual server, the providers are not sharing your server with another one. This server enhanced your website performance and provide more stability. Your data is fully secured. They provide you a Unique IP Address that will not be accessed by any other spam websites.  


Now if we talk about the pricing of Dedicated hosting it can be from $80 to as much as $500 per month depending on your needs. Pricing is usually based on server specifications and additional services.

Conclusion Before Upgrading a web host, it’s important to work out what type of hosting you need, whether it’s VPS or Dedicated. From my side, Dedicated Hosting is the best. Now all thing's depends on you what's your needs and what you want to choose.

I hope this article has provided you a solid overview of the VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.


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