Bluehost Change Primary Domain

Hey, are you looking to change your Primary Domain in Bluehost?

Now, you are at the right place here I’ll help you to change the primary domain. It’s a very easy process so follow the simple instructions which are given below.

Change the Primary Domain in Bluehost
Bluehost Change Primary Domain 

Let’s discuss Bluehost Provider

Bluehost is one of the best host providers from other host providers, They provide a special feature in which you can include subdomains, and you can change the essential space name in Bluehost, and you can do numerous settings in cPanel as indicated by your specific requirements.

Before starting the process of changing the primary domain of your account, you should follow some important steps to save your account. You should take a backup of every data and website and download them. If your new domain name added as Parked domain, you need to delete it after this you can use it.

Now, start the process of changing the domain name in Control Panel

Step 1: Log into your Control Panel

Step 2: Type the Domain Name of the order in the search bar on the homepage, select Order and click on Search.

Step 3: Change Domain name
  • Click on Change Domain
  • Enter your new Domain Name and click on Save
  • Now click on OK button

 Now the process is complete, You can check the status by viewing the action history.

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